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Joy and/or Worry – the truth’s out

Remember what I said about the national performance in “What to expect for 2023?” That I promised that I would give more information when the results are out? Well, they are, and I have to keep my promise to tell you the result of the selection.

Initially I wanted to write the outcome at the end of the previous article, but there’s too much to say right now one paragraph wont be enough. Enough of chit-chat, time to get serious about this.

Regarding the national performance, it is with great pleasure that I get to take part in this performance. I’m truly blessed to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so please keep looking out for me!

…what’s next, though?

Apart from this national performance, I have my after school activities, got sent for a competition by a teacher (and am preparing for it right now), and most importantly – streaming exams. The exams I’ve been painstakingly working on offline.

Well, since Peter Parker (Spiderman’s actor) ever quoted:

With great power comes great responsibility

Peter Parker

With these new commitments in my life, my blogging habits definitely can’t stay the way it is right now. This article is to:

  • Clarify some doubts you might be thinking right now
  • Ease your nerves about this announcement (and mine 😅)

Question One: How long would this whole national performance process last?

I’ll be preparing for the performance until early August. So it’s about half a year.

Question Two: What will you be doing for the performance?

It’ll be a dance performance with 3 other schools on a very big, famous national stage.

Question Three: It’s just a national performance. Isn’t writing an entire article about about it making a mountain over a molehill?

To those thinking that way, it’s not that simple.

This national performance needs A LOT of commitment and discipline. I was chosen with much consideration, and my results and well-being will be closely monitored. I don’t want to be taken out midway, as I want to prove both my Teachers and parents I deserve to be on the stage.

Question Four: Will the blog be ok, Crystal?

Yes, it will.

I want to reassure everyone I can manage school (in every activity) and the blog. While I’m definitely reducing my posting frequency, that doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect. I love writing the same; it’s just not the most important thing right now.

Question Five: Thanks for the reassurance, Crystal. What’s next?

You’re welcome, reader.

I will be reducing the frequency of posting from “whenever I’m free” to strictly “thrice a week” and vice versa. Apart from this, I will prioritise more “important articles”, like the MHA season 6 reviews series and celebratory articles (look out for a valentines day one soon). If needed, I might go on a hiatus but this time, I will definitely make sure i give advanced notice.

I hope this article has answered some of your doubts, and gave you an idea of what I’m going to go through. If you have any more doubts, please leave them in the comments section. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability, but I won’t be entertaining “stupid” questions, like Is Mr E coming with you?

Next up, I’ll be posting the Hitori Janain Dakara Lyric Analysis. Until then, bye!

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