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Emotional Anime Scenes- part 1/2

Note: These two articles will be related to each other, so I recommend you reading this first before reading 2/2.

I have to admit, as someone who has spent almost two years as an anime fan, humor is not my cup of tea. I prefer emotional scenes

Personally, I feel that emotional scenes are more proper and complete. There is more thought and effort put behind the scenes of the scene. Hilarious scenes don’t need much effort, just some thought of good jokes converted to a script and it’s done! Emotional scenes, on the other hand need more thought as producers need to insert a genuienely emotional scene if they want people to be moved by the scene.

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I don’t like bombastic emotional scenes (like on-screen death( as they are extremely cliched. I prefer rarer but more heartwarming and sincere emotional scenes because it’s more realistic and relatable.

An ideal emotional scene (to me) consists of crying (but not too hard/loud) and a valid reason to cry. For example, in the 12th episode of Lapis Re Lights, Tiara cried because she was overly touched, overwhelmed, grateful and remorseful when she saw a past flashback of the relationship with her sister. (This is just my interpretation, you can correct me if I’m wrong)

Some emotional scenes are relatable to me. The scene in that context should be an event I have went through in my life. In this case, I want to being up a scene from… Ojamajo Doremi. (I just had to squeeze something XD) In Season 1 Episode 17, the episode brings up a boy called Masaru. Although he was once caught in the act for practicing the trumpet at the warehouse, he actually had some difficulties, therefore causing him to be cold and delinquent-like. Eventually, he tearfully admitted his mistakes and revealed his past, which I felt needed a lot of courage.

I could relate a lot to that episode because I watched it when I needed courage to say sorry. I don’t want to elaborate too much, but to cut a long story short, I broke a visitors blinds and the visitor’s trust. However, watching the episode gave me a push to be courageous and own up for whatever I’ve done. I got quite emotional when I watched the episode and remember the meaning like yesterday.

(I’m sorry if some details were missing. I watched the episode 11 months ago)

So through these two examples, you have learnt that I liked heartwarming emotional scenes and emotional scenes that I can relate to.

Next up, it’ll be the long awaited Top 10 emotional scenes. I’ll share a little more about each of the scenes and why I find them emotional in the first place. Until then, bye!

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