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Top 5 My Hero Academia fightsC

CW: Bl00d at the end.

My Hero Academia is one of my favourite manga series with many intense, vivid fights. However, these are the most vivid six fights to me.

#5- Shie Hassakai Raid

Credits: ErasedXoldo Anime

It was an all out intense fight that starts off mild and then builds up. The most intense was Eri and Deku vs Overhaul. It kept me biting my fingernails throughout, especially when Mirio loses his quirk midway.

#4- Class 1-A vs Deku

This fight shows just how deep 1-A cares about Deku and even those who didn’t interact much with him went the extra mile. Everyone had their fervent speeches to Deku, but that of Tsuyu and Iida’s hit the hardest. However, the most important point is: in tough times, never go it alone as there’s always someone looking out for you. (This detail would be covered in my mental health article)

#3- Deku and Uraraka vs Iida vs Bakugo

This was another intense fight Abd kept me on my heels throughout. Deku’s analysis showed his analytical side, while Bakugo’s bombing was an intense and dramatic way to end a fight. Momo analysed everyone’s moves well and that was a hilarious way to end the rather “heaty” fight.

#2- Bakugo vs Uraraka

This fight shows an entirely new side of Uraraka, as back then, I never knew she had a scary side. Her super move was breathtaking, yet I felt sorry for Uraraka as she almost won the fight. This was another action-packed fight and I was sad that it was over in the blink of an eye. Well, nothing lasts forever.

Honourable mention: Deku and Bakugo vs Nine

They were the last light of hope for the civilians, and pulled off the final move. The shining lights show power and great animation, making it the best super move yet.

#1- Deku, Iida and Todoroki vs Hero Killer Stain

Maybe it was just me, but it was the most emotionally intense fight for me. It showed me the meaning of true friends, the ones that would (in this case) break the rules for you. At the same time, it was a gentle reminder not to let little impulses control me and to make sure I make things right after a wrong. Finally, Horikoshi was creative, being able to make an intense fight… in a valley. All these reasons are why this fight has a special place in my heart,

6th on the list

Overall, I prefer physically and/or emotionally intense fights as they keep me watching. As My Hero Academia wraps up its final war, I hope for one more intense fight that will let me add to this list.

It’s that time of the month! Next up, I’ll be updating you about my rather (limited) media activities. Until then, bye!

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