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Top 5 Revue Starlight characters

I’m close to one year of being a fan of this show. In the process, I met some of the most awesome characters. Here are the top 5 characters on my Revue Starlight list.

#5- Hikari Kagura

Whenever you see her, there’s a mysterious aura about her. She’s one of the nicest tsunderes with an interesting backstory. What attracts me to her forever is her soft spot towards Karen,

#4- Nana Daiba

She has some relatable interests like me. I’m also passionate about media and backstage work, and also insecure but really nice. Finally, my personality is kind of tied to frogs too. (She loves frog plushies and I know an anime character related to frogs – Tsuyu)

#3- Karen Aijo

She’s passionate, warm and enthusiastic. I love how she was developed as a character, becoming more disciplined as the series progresses, thanks to Hikari’s return. Her fighting style is the most dazzling and… she’s very inspiring in general. That’s all I have to say,

#2- Junna Hoshimi

First things first, I like her personality. I also sympathise with how no one understands her struggles. Episode 2 truly reminded me of my past pessimistic self, so every time I watch that revue, I’m reminded of that. She has a great solo song with strong vocals, as well as great character development.

#1- Mahiru Tsuyuzaki

To me, she’s relatable as a whole. I’m now a proud older sister who cares about my siblings, despite their quirky antics. While I lacked confidence since a young age, it’s finally getting better, thank goodness. Even still, I’m still finding what is my true shine, rather than always leeching off others with a stronger shine/

Even though it’s shorter than my usual posts, I still enjoyed writing about it! I really like the anime, no, the franchise in general. Hopefully I get to watch the movie and/or play the game someday.

Next up, I’ll be farting my top 5 MHA fights. Until then, bye!

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