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Ashiato Lyric Analysis

Disclaimer: Throughout this analysis, I referred to this website:

Ever since my “reboot”, I haven’t gotten a chance to analyse songs thanks to my overflowing waterfall of ideas. Today, let’s revisit an old tradition of this blog and do it again!

“Sayonara sa ikanakucha
Boku yo boku ni nare to sakebu
Tadoritsuku saki de kimi ni
Mou ichido deaitai no sa”

The introduction translates to “time to say goodbye, I have to go. I yell to myself to be myself. At my destination, I want to see you again.” Deku checks his phone before going out. As he opens the door handle of his room, Todoroki closes it, looking at his phone as Sero catches up and the duo get into a hearty conversation,

The meaning behind the introduction is how things don’t last forever and will end I’m this fast paced world. In the meantime, the singer urges himself/herself to be himself/herself so he/she can truly feel live in the present. At the same time, the finer also vows to see his/her “special one” (you in the lyrics) someday.

“Itsudatte kimi goshi no sekai wo miteta
Oto mo naku koboshita namida mo shirazu
Daijoubu tte kotoba ga kirai nante
Kyuu ni tsubuyaku kara nanimo ienaku naru”

The first verse translates to “I was always looking at the world through you without realising the tears that she’d quietly. I hate the phrase ‘It’ll be ok.’ You whispered all of a sudden, and it made me not to be able to say a thing.” Mina, Toru and Jiro head to the supermarket. Jiro picks on something she sees on her phone, but they brush it off as a small thing and continue heading out. At the same time, Tailman, Eijiro and Denki head out to the supermarket , as Denki and Eijiro hop over the railings.

The singer always watched out for his/her special one, and might have lost him/herself in the process. In the process, the special one assures the singer when in reality, the singer doesn’t need assurance, exhaling why he/she “hates the phrase it’ll be ok.”

“Usugurai sora no saki wo shinjitai
Akogare wa jibun wo uchikesu tame no mono janai”

The pre chorus translates to “I want to believe in what’s ahead of the dim sky. Admiration isn’t meant to deny yourself.” Tsuyu and Uraraka walk into the supermarket together. Meanwhile, Koji and Sato step into the supermarket and are deciding what to buy,

Fortunately, the singer is optimistic believes there’ll be a silver lining in each cloud. He/she is also encouraging, encouraging the listener not to deny his/herself when it comes to terms of admiration, emphasising a key theme in MHA – Self Esteem.

“Sayonara sa mou ikanakucha
Boku yo boku ni nare to sakebu
Naze darou kizutsuitatte
Kotae wo sagashiteru
Sayonara sa itsuka mata aou
Kimi yo kimi de are to negau
Bokura nokosu ashiato
Mou ichido kasanaru you ni
Mou ichido deaeru you ni”

The chorus translates to “It’s time to say goodbye, I have to go now. I yell to myself to be myself. Somehow, I keep searching for an answer, even if I get hurt. It’s time to say goodbye, see you again someday. I wish you to stay being yourself. The footprints that we’ll leave behind us. I hope they meet again. I hope we see each other again.” Everyone gets shopping but act in character from Aoyama dancing with cheese to Mineta being unfocused while shopping instead flaunting to Bakugo magazines with covers with girls on top. At sunset, Deku, Uraraka and Tsuyu all head home with groceries. At nigh, the snacks are placed together with a birthday cake, showing all that was for a birthday party and the exterior of UA Alliance is shown (with All Might merch).

The chorus references the end of MHA as class 1-A spilts up. Everyone vows to keep going, even when it gets hard, reassuring to keep. Ewing who there and hoping to reunite someday.

It’s very meaningful with great animation and that’s why it’s my fourth favourite MHA ending. It was hinted In the footage someone was having their birthday. But who? Due to the Crimson Riot drink, TV Tropes speculated Eijiro. Personally, I think someone with a fall birthday but it’s up to you to decide who’s birthday they are celebrating.

The next article will be dedicated to all dads! Until then, bye!

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