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Semi-hiatus announcement… and more

Hi, after giving it some thought, I’m going to go on a semi-hiatus. Not for the national performance, by the way.

I’m taking a semi-hiatus because I want to finish up some of my personal projects. Not that I hate writing on this blog, but after writing here constantly for close to 2 years, my motivation is actually starting to run dry and I think it’s time for me to have a change in pace. Like, I have been working for a video since January and haven’t been able to finish it up thanks to all my in real life commitments and the blog.

Here’s a preview of the video I… haven’t really gotten a chance to work on

My semi hiatus will be lasting for about 10 days and I should return to posting by the 24th if all goes well.

However, I’m also going to tone down my posting even more. I will only be posting when I‘m free or when I have the energy.

The reason is because of my grades. I actually did quite well for the first term but I failed Science. Science is going to be quite important to get the streaming I want, so I can’t brush this off or “go slow” for the next term’s test. Hence, by posting less, I should have more focus for my Science. After all, I have to pass this one. I don’t wish to go through another “Emo” phase again.

So will my “MHA Season 6 Episode 20 review” post come?

Yes… but not so soon.

The harsh reality has come. I have to tone down my posting. Yet I’m sure this is for the greater good and I’ll accept it. Because after mid-October, I can post as often as I can wish. As for now, I have to be patient and disciplined.

This is Crystal, signing off.

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