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My favourite characters as of January 2023

Over the last three months, I breathed in some new media. Hence, I would like to write about the new characters that attracted me.

Number One: Hawks

While nice and friendly, he is one that knows his boundaries really well, something I’m working on. His chill yet serious personality reminds me of someone I was once close with. Is it Mr E? Hehe… that’s up to your own interpretation.

Number Two: Saki Tenma (Project Sekai, Leo/need)

She is emotionally mature, knows herself best and has a good balance of “selfish” and “selfless”. I can relate to wanting to ,I’ve my adolescence to the fullest due to personal reasons and shared values.

Number Three: Minori Hanasato (Project Sekai, More More Jump)

While watching More More Jump’s band story, I realised I shared the same values as her, which is working hard to work towards my dreams. I love how wholehearted she is with her goals… and how she is an adorable little scrunkly.

Number Four: Rui Kamishiro (Project Sekai, Wonderland x Showtime)

His background is nice and relatable. I love how he also has a dream like everyone else, despite his weirdness, that is. In other words, he’s just funny and I enjoy the role he plays in the stories,

Number Five: Mizuki Akiyama (Project Sekai, 25ji at Nightcord de)

Honestly, I loved how they are a Canon LGBT character, which is so cool, since the media tends to shun the concept of LGBT. She’s also another relatable character who was developed in a very interesting way.

Number Six, Seven, Eight and Nine: everyone in Happiness Charge Precure

I didn’t have a favourite character and ended up having everyone as my favourite cute, as every cure was good in their own way. Here are my reasons:

  • Cure Lovely is my favourite because of her altruistic nature and cheery energy.
  • Cure Princess is also my favourite because of her character development. (Coming out of her shell, becoming more thoughtful and less selfish)
  • Cure Honey is a nice and fluffy favourite since I first knew Precure.
  • Cure Fortune could possibly be my new favourite cure because she isn’t as mean and hypocrite-d as she seems. Her background is heart wrenching yet awesome, not to mention her relatable character development and behaviour. Mainly because when I was younger, I treated my enemies harshly and judged others easily, but eventually I learnt to accept others and empathise with them. I also believed doing things myself was the best way, but I’m learning to warm up to the idea of teamwork. (Crystal’s character development arc??)

Seems like a lot, but I don’t think so! There’s more I excluded, but will I reveal who? Stay tuned to see if ai do!

Next up, I’ll be talking about my least favourite character as of January 2023. Until then, bye!

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