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My favourite characters as of October 2022

Studying toned my media activities down, but I still held onto some form of it. Here’s my new favourite character list, with some updates on the Bandori side.

#1- Aine Yuki (Aikatsu Friends)

As mentioned in my “Outgoing Cinnamon Roll”, she has infectious energy and is true to her 1 million friends goal. Although she can be a stubborn airhead at times, she’s a hard-worker despite it all.

#2- Chono Maika (Aikatsu Friends)

She’s really passionate with my favourite catch phrase “Thing are (really) heating up!” Apart from her mature looks and chill personality, she also cares a lot about her goals and friends. (Especially her Friends partner Ema)

#3- Tsugumi Hazawa (Bandori)

She’s an adorable relatable little scrunkly. (Relatable reasons in a separate article) As mentioned in an earlier article, i find her optimistic and earnest nature admirable. And the food in the picture above is making me hungry now… if only Hazawa cafe was real and Tsugumi’s family was there…

#4- Tomoe Udagawa (Bandori)

Play New by DAYA for this scene

She’s chill yet mature which is admirable. Her entire character and that of her development is about protecting the people she cares about. Not only has she been drumming for 10+ years, she is a good friend and sister.

#5- Ran Mitake (Bandori)

I share the same enneagram with her (4w5). When I saw the first band story, I remember how I’m finally repairing my broken relationship with my dad, as well as having a more rebellious side to me. I’m also relate to her social awkwardness, although I have a soft and more extroverted side to my closest friends.


It’s a good quarter for good characters! I hope to find more good characters this quarter. That’s after my exams, of course. Speaking of exams, I have a little note for y’all:

I’m toning down my posting until 14th of October. I’ll only post in lieu of festive occasions but that’s all. I’ll be back in full swing on the above-mentioned date. Thanks.

Next up, I’ll be writing about mental health in the media. Until then, bye!

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