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Top 5 Bandori sets

For many, playing Bandori isn’t just for the game play. Many players including myself seek joy in 10-star pulls. International players even save up for limited gacha in international versions. AS FOR ME, I have 5 sets I want to finish, be it paying money at Michelle Monaka or through the pulls.

Note: All card names will be in the captions and * means this card is mine

#5- Neo Aspect

These untrained cards depict a story well, namely calm before the storm (Ako), the storm itself (Sayo, Yukina, Rinko) and calm after the storm . The trained arts are synchronised, with only minor tweaks based on image colours and vice versa. Finally the blue gears and blue roses resemble the theme of Roselia really well.

#4- Cooking class craziness!

The outfits are synchronised with The Maid cafe theme. It makes me want to go to a maid cafe or hope for a maid cafe where I live in. Even the stage is a maid cafe. Wow… bushiroad really took this seriously.

#3- Wish upon a Tanzaku

The costume designers knew their assignments at the back of their hand, and the dresses are extremely well-drawn. There is an obvious amount of effort and the trained arts showed the obvious amount of effort. The trained arts show Tanabata well, especially Hina and Sayo. Also, a small detail I love is how the Hikawa twins look lonely despite their beauty, implying their previously strained relationship.

#2- Live Beyond

As everyone knows, I love Poppin Party beyond words, and these cards are more vibrant than before. It’s the most positive set I’ve encountered, with more positive emotions being show, even if implied. Even half the cards show determination! As for the trained arts, everyone’s wearing some sort of a star accessory, which fits the theme of Poppin Party and really- how far they’ve come.

Honourable Mention: Pastel Palettes debut cards

Each card depicts each character’s personalities instantly, which is what I like about these cards. The trained arts are candy themed and really bring the cute theme of Pastel Palettes… mum, can you please buy me some sweets? /j

#1- A tale of the Pure-Hearted Samurai*Idol!

The trained arts are focused around traditional Japan, which (as you know) I’m really passionate about. As for the untrained arts, I found something funny in every card. This set is almost completed except for 4* Chisato. Also, the 4* features (Chisato and Eve) look super gorgeous in their trained arts.

Crazy amount of photos…
Song: Somebody to You by the Vampz

That;s a lot of photos! It was worth it anyway 🤭

When Michelle Monaka adds some of the cards, I’m going to used up my saved stickers to pay up for the cards i don’t have yet. Hopefully , someday I’ll find new incomplete sets to complete, it’s kind of fun anyway ❤

Next up, I’ll be showing my Top 5 characters from a franchise I haven’t touch in a while,

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