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Top 5 character development arcs

In every form of media, character development is necessary for every character’s development. However, some characters had it better than others. Here are the best five arcs I chanced upon so far.

#5- Nino runs away

Nino went against her values about how much her sisters mean to her. She argued with her sisters and recklessly decided to ruin away. Eventually, she realised what meant to her and returned to her family. This arc was well developed because she became more gentle after that incident.

#4- “Don’t call me Dia-San” and “Hakodate” “

Both episodes show an unexpected side of Dia

In “Don’t call me Dia-san,” we dive deeper into her backstory (apart from the failed school idol group). Since she was young, many people looked up to her because she was a model student. Deep down, she is actually very lonely because she doesn’t have many friends other than Kanan and Mari. In the present day, she tries to get along with her juniors but struggles to do so because of family and personality. At the end of the episode, the group accepts Dia for who she is, and Dia finally softens up to her friends.

As for “Hakodate”, another part shows that Dia has always cared for Ruby since a very young age, comforting Ruby when she fell down. She still does now, and even admitted she was very happy when Ruby decided to become a school idol. To her, it marked an important milestone for the latter as Ruby actually thought independently and made decisions for herself. This shows how Dia isn’t just work-oriented, she also cares about others around her

#3- Saaya joins the band

This decision was especially difficult because of trauma, and fear that she’ll be a burden to others. Not only that, Kasumi unintentionally made things worse.

Poor Saaya had to choose between family and passions, and the anime showed just how strong her dilemma was. Eventually, she was charmed by Kasumi’s passion and chose to balance both in the end, never turning back since.

#2- Tenya hunts down Hero Killer Stain (and regrets it for a lifetime)

Like Saaya, he was conflicted between family and the rules, and ended up choosing family (which for him, is pretty out-of-character). He did something absolutely wrong, troubling his friends to get into trouble with the lawyer and the pros. However, this incident is a blessing in disguise. Without this incident, he wouldn’t have become a true hero.

#1- Uzuki finds her sparkle

After realising how others were doing better than her, she started doubting herself and went back to training school. However, she started to doubt herself EVEN MORE. Thankfully, the remainder of New Generations “saved” her and returned to the production. Through this arc, she finally understood what was her charm and continued moving from there.

She needs ✨H E A D P A T S✨

Kudos to the manga artists and producers behind their arcs! I was really immersed when reading/watching their arcs. It is only through darkness that we can shine, and they have really showed it (or even shone more).

Next up, I’ll go back into my little Bandori otaku mode and talk about some sets i want complete. Until then, bye!

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  1. All the characters need headpats


      1. *inserts pic of Rimi Ushigome*


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