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My least favourite characters as of July 2022

No one is a saint, we all have things we hate. Likewise, I also hate some characters from the shows I know too.

#1- FLAT4 (Ojamajo Doremi #)

Technically they all have strengths but don’t use them correctly. Fujio uses his knowledge wrongly, Leon is passionate and challenges Aiko, Akatsuki doesn’t care about his real friends and Toru is charismatic but never works hard. In other words, they are just a bunch of kids without values. Sorry, not my type 😑.

#2- Oyajide (Ojamajo Doremi #)

He doesn’t solve problems effectively, and uses manipulation instead of practical solutions. He’s also a black hearted man who wants things his way. I think he shouldn’t even have been crowned as Wizard World in the first place.

#3- Kaoru Seta (Bandori)

Kaoru is just Aoyama V2.0, or worse. She’s just being flamboyant and pretty all because of her past insecurities. Friend, if you havre insecurities, overcome them.

Next up, I’ll keep my promise and post about summer festivals. Until then, bye!

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