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My favourite characters as of July 2022

Maybe I took studying took lightly (kinda joking), but my media activities surged these three months. I guess that’s the fun of getting into new fandoms, because today we have a long list of characters

1- Tae Hanazono (Bandori)

Tae’s my favourite in the entire franchise. She’s so relatable. I have a similar personality with her and love bunnies. I also went from pursuing my hobbies myself to sharing with a friend. The only problem with her is that 3* Tae hasn’t come home in my 10-card pulls and if I want her, I always ticket her or pay Michelle Monaka.

2- Sayo Hikawa (Bandori)

My favourite card in the game

First of all, her physical design is appealing. What attracts me to her is character development. Her development is all about standing on your two feet and find something that is truly yours (in her case, her own sound). I just relate to her because I grew up being one of the few “later bloomers” everywhere I am. Eventually, I grew to accept it, as being late bloomers have strengths geniuses don’t have. \

3- Kanon Matsubara

She’s so adorable. I love her catchphrase “Fueeee.” I say this in private though. I can relate to her because my sense of direction is terrible and I can be a crybaby at times. (Fueeeeeee) My personality isn’t far off from hers, maybe more air-headed I guess? Overall, she’s one sweet angel that must be protected.

4- Hina Hikawa (Bandori)

I can also relate to being bubbly and lively, and also supportive and honest, but I don’t always understand how others feel.

5- Tsukushi Futaba

I love her leadership, and I can easily depend on her without anything falling apart. She has literally the healthiest confidence existent, she’s sure of herself but isn’t narcissistic or arrogant. Her end goal is really pure and healthy. Overall, she’s a very healthy approachable individual that I wished existed in real life.

6- Moca Aoba (Bandori)

The reason is simple. I love her relaxed voice.

7- LOCK (Rokka Asahi) (Bandori)

LOCK reminds me of how I was in my primary school, so I can understand her feelings of inferiority. She’s got a really nice backstory that leads her to where she is now, so you should check it sometime.

8- Shoyo Hinata (Haikyuu)

He’s got laudable energy, positivity and determination, and is also very proactive. He’s also one of the healthier characters, with weaknesses and strengths all balanced out.

Komi Can’t Communicate: 9- Tadano Hitohito (best boy)

Like him, I’m an average person in everything I do. That’s because when I tried to stand out when I was in elementary school, it flopped miserably. However, I managed to make an impact on someone’s life, although to protect her privacy, I WILL NOT GO FURTHER.

10- Komi Shoko (best girl)

Have Komi in America

I can relate to her because Ive grown with my social skills, but I can still be socially awkward. I loved her development, from only writing her thoughts on paper to fully expressing them. I’m also a cat lover. Meow meow.

11- Yotsuba Nakano (Gotoubun no Hanayome)

She had a really good character development, having matured the most. Not only she is relatable, but I loved her wedding speech in the last chapter. I think writing this alone is inspiring me to change for the better!

Next up, Ill write the worst characters as of July 2022. Until then, bye!

One response to “My favourite characters as of July 2022”

  1. These are great characters! I really like Hinata too, he’s just so full of energy!

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