Rating all the MHA arcs up to Joint Training Arc >:)

Having been reading MHA actively for 2 months, I (somehow) made great progress just by reading 3 chapters a day. You know what? Ike to critic fro, the worst to best arc.

NO: Entrance Exam Arc, USJ Arc

Honestly the entrance exam arc dragged the entire story, and it’s not a very practical way of starting a story. It would have been more practical if it was a time skip and then the original MHA trio (Iideocha) could have just met in the first day of school.

meanwhile, the USJ Arc was very rushed and messed up. Honestly, some irrelevant details could have been omitted, like Tenya being the class president from the start. Those little details kind kr destroyed the mood of the arc.

could have been better: Battle Trial Ar , Quirk Apprehension Test Arc, Remedial Course Arx, Provisional Hero Licence Exam Arc

The battle trial arc was a bit too violent. I’m not saying there’s a problem with that, it’s just that Bakugo took it too far and that’s why I don’t really like the arc. However, it was an alright arx.

Although the Quirk Apprehension Test Arc was rushed, I still loved the formation of the original MHA trio (look above).

What about the Remedial Course Arc? It’s just dry and rushed to me, so I won’t go further.

The Provisional Hero Licence Exam Arc is the only one in the list I like, but I felt the face-off between Bakugo and Deku could have been placed separately. It didn’t really make sense to me. Why not before the Paranormal Liberation War?

ok I Guess: Shie Hassakai Arc, Pro Hero Arc, Final Exam Arc

Shie Hassakai Arc is a good Arc. I loved the fight to save Eri, and Sir Nighteye’s death was emotional damage. Some parts weren’t well developed for me

Definitely, the pro hero arc was good in It’s own way. It kind of spoiled things for me though…

The Final Exam Arc and some solid character development. The fights weren’t good in terms of catching my attentions, but there were a lot of breakthroughs, like Koji’s first time talking onscreen and Momo’s self esteem confrontation.

I like it!: Hideout Raid Arc, Joint Training Arc, Forest Training Camp Arc, Sports Festival Arx

The Hideout Raod Arc kept my heart pumping for more, and I was full of anticipation for the ending. Yes, All Might’s scene “It’s your turn” just hits differently. It’s intense, and seeks thrill that something will change.

right now, I’m reading the Joint Training Arc. The battles are cooler than ever! Tenya’s upgrade was awesome. While we got a proper introduction to class 1B, I prefer Class 1A.

The fight in the Forest Training Camp Arc was fast paced in a good way. Honestly, Kota reminds me of Rei from Komi Can’t Communicate. Although it’s a generally exciting arc, Kota’s backstory and how he breaks from it was a bit sad. Well, having mixed feelings in an arc isn’t bad, it’s kind of interesting in that sense.

the Sports Festival Arc hooked me into MHA. They introduced (or developed) the main cast well. Gentle reminder one of the best fights is Ochaco vs Bakugo.

THE BEST ARCS: Cultural Festival Arc, Hero Killer Stain Arc

I’ve got a lot to say. The cultural festival was a developed one for sure. Jiro got some wholesome, meaningful character development, and honestly could relate to her growing up. Hero Too is the best song in the franchise, and I love the intense face off before a joyful festival. For once, the team sorted the mood properly.

The best arc is the Hero Killer Arc! Best Boy got so much development, making his upgrade (Joint Training Arc) and outburst (Hideout Raid Arc). Well, his crying scene still sticks till this day due to personal reasons. Him aside, the fight was minor but actually my favourite in the franchise! It really shows what an actual fight is.

What I can say right now is: I’m loving MHA, ready for the war arc and ready to see it to the end,

next up, I’ll round up my media activities for June. Until then, bye!

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  1. Wow, the manga panels look a lot different from the scenes in the anime! Thanks for the review! I haven’t actually read the manga yet (I’ve only seen the anime) but now I’m really curious!


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