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My least favourite characters (as of Jan 2022)

I had characters I loved this season, but I also had my hated characters. This would contain all fandoms save:

  1. Doctor X
  2. Revue Starlight
  3. Hilda
  4. Coco
  5. Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle

1 Sprout Cloverleaf (My Little Pony New Generation)

Sprout Cloverleaf took things too far, specifically when Finch went missing. He reminds me of an annoying classmate I had in elementary school, through all six grades. I also hate his song that went “Mob, Mob, Angry, Angry.” He technically doesn’t deserve to be a chief! 😡

2 Amanda o Neil (Little Witch Academia)

Amanda was built in a really flamboyant way. I was really annoyed by the way she did things, from the way she rode the broom to the way she made her gestures. She was attracting fans… but it’s going overboard! Much as I know there are Amanda stans around… I just couldn’t understand why they like her!

3. Takeshi Aiza (Your Lie In April)

Takeshi took things too far with his rivalry with Kousei (see previous volume). He would do anything to “knock” Kousei off 1st place. Much as you can and should have a rival in everything you do, this isn’t healthy competition! All in all, he is a character that greatly needs to be revised by the Your Lie In April production team if they are republishing the anime.

4. Yohane (Love Live Sunshine)

I never liked her despite being the “Fan favourite”. Basically, she’s very annoying to me and her voice would get too squeaky at times. She is literally the female mirror of another male Chuunibyou I know of. That’s all; anything more would be insulting Yohane stans.

Question of the post: Who is your least favourite character as of January 2022 and why?

While not a lot, I do have my least favourite characters- either because they are copycats or they are purely annoying. Please respect my opinion; I’ve done my best to phrase my hatred for these characters in the most respectful way I can.

Next up, I’ll do my first lyric analysis for the year- Polaris. Until then, bye!

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