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My favourite characters (as of January 2022)

As Sep-Dec 2021 marked the end of my entrance exams, I have been watching countless shows since. It’s not just limits to anime anymore, there are cartoons and dramas too, including 1 rewatch. Sit back and enjoy this edition of my favourite characters.

  1. Sunny Starscout (My Little Pony New Generation)

Bold, go-getter, leader-like, I can almost relate to her. She’s like a more extroverted version of Twilight Sparkle, and greatly treasures “the power of friendship”. Optimistic and virtuous, she earnestly works on her dream, to unit all three pony types’ despite Hitch Trailblazer’s objection, I can almost relate to her, making her my favourite in this film.

2. Atsuko “Akko” Kagari (Little Witch Academia)

She’s another strongly relatable character of mine. Firstly, I hate to say, but I’m energetic, kind, clumsy, reckless, hardworking, ill-disciplined and stubborn as a person. Secondly, I am a late bloomer (specifically in art).. In the past, my art made me the ;laughing stock in my class. Now, my drawings are quite good- maybe to the point of getting 100+ viewers to view them on Instagram. Thirdly, I have a willpower that can be seen as “irritable” at tomes. Finally, I had a homeroom teacher in first and second grade who cared for me like Ursula-sensei.

3. Miguel (Coco)

Although I watched it for the second time at my friend’s house, I still stan Miguel. I’m a free-spirited music lover who doesn’t really like rules and traditions. But deep down, I’m a caring person who wants to protect those close to me.

4. Hilda (Hilda)

A traditional free-spirit, I don’t really go by the rules if I don’t have to. I like drawing and exploring new stuff (maybe not food). Despite being a little rebellious at time, once again, I’m the person to protect those dear to me.

5. Kokko/Al (Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle)

Usually for Pokémon, I’ll go with Pikachu but in this case, it’s different.

I chose Kokko as he is a movie-exclusive character. Although I’m very energetic and free-spirited as a person, deep down in my heart, I have quite deep insecurities and a desire to find out who I am. Like “Who am I?” or “Why am I chosen to be in this family?” However, I finally accepted myself for who I am, and I’m currently living my life while looking for the answer.

6. Doctor X (Doctor X)

I’m a bold person that often challenges the rules. However, that’s not the main reason why she’s on the list. Doctor X made me realise I should find a talent. She made me realise to succeed, I needed drive and focus. These values are why I stan her and why I want to be like her.

7. Best Girl: Kaori Miyazono, Best Boy: Kousei Arima (Your Lie In April)

For Kaori, I like her because she is really relatable. I’m also ultra violent and leave the worst impression, but I can be beautiful. Besides, I have a sweet tooth and ever “switched” instruments.

As for Kousei, I really relate to him because I am an ex-pianist playing the piano again. Besides, I understand the pain of being tortured by someone close to me.

8. Mahiru Tsuyuzaki (Revue Starlight)

Firstly, I am a big sister that cares about her siblings, especially ny younger twin brother. Secondly I can relate to being jealous of other despite having my wn charm. Lastly, I can relate to having a friend with a sparkle.

9. Dia Kurosawa, Kanan Matsura and Mari Ohara (Love Live Sunshine)

Personally, I don’t have a least favourite other than Yohane. But my favourite characters are the third years.

My third favourite is Mari. I can strongly relate to her cheerful personality and to be honest, she’s caring and cute, all at the same time. She keeps her head up as much as she can. If you have any troubles, she’s an ideal person to turn to, like shown with You in Aye Aye My Friend,

My second best girl is Kanan. I love her mature and caring personality. She is a hardworking person who kept her family’s diving shop running when her parents couldn’t run it. And the one thing I can relate to her- is our equal stubbornness.

My best girl is Dia. Although I used to hate her because I thought she was “scary”, I changed my mind after watching the series. She wasn’t “scary”, she just had a temper- just like me! I grew to love her for her sisterly ways near Ruby and her tsundere behaviour. When she related the First Gen Aqours incident, I exactly understood how she felt.

Question of the post: Who is your favourite character as of January 2022 and why?

Personally, I did not think I’d watch so many shows in a three-month block. However, I explored characters I loved and didn’t think I’ll love, especially Dia, who is my new third favourite anime character.

Next up, I’ll talk about my least favourite characters as January 2022. Until then, bye!

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