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Tiara, Ingenium and their similarities

The Little Prince book once quoted: “The most important things are invisible to the eye.”

Well, I think Tiara and Iida desrve that quote. Tiara is my favourite female anime character; Iida is my favourite male anime character. This article will share with you why they are so similiar.

  1. Same horoscope AND birthday month

For starters, bot share the same horoscope- Leo. To add on, both of their birthdays are in August, 15 days apart. If you don’t get what I mean, Tiara’s birthday is on 7th August, while Iida’s birthday is on 22nd August.

2. Similiar first names

Both their first names with T and end with A, and their first names have 5 letters. It’s only the three letters between the T and A that are different. Tiara, Tenya Iida! >.<

3. Somewhat similar personalities

Their personalities may look really different at first galnce, but they actually share similiar traits. It’s what we call same same yet different, right? Anyway, both have introverted, down-to-earth, dtermined, hardworking and kind personalities. Iida has more than that, but up to this point, they’re similiar in nature.

4. Both of them yelled at someone they actually cared about in a fit of anger

screencaps from YouTube

Enough of physical details. Let’s go on to some anime-related details.

Believe me or not, their seemingly kind looks does not mean they keep that face. Ironically, they can get scarily angry if triggered

drawn on 1st November

Here’s some background for Tiara’s example. In Episode 9 of Lapis Re Lights, the Lights girls get expelled from Flora Girls’ Academy. In episode 10 of the same anime, Tiara returns to her castle, meets her sister who shows a black face near her and reunites with her friends.

In Episode 11, Tiara confronts her sister about going to Flora Girls’ Acdemy. Eliza, her sister, tells her not to care about it. Triggered by the cold cwords Eliza said, Tiara clenches her fists and yells her sister, “SIS YOU BLOCKHEAD!” (9anime version)

It titally gave me a shock, and adding to the fact Tiara openly cursed at someone who took care of her since young, it’s still hooked in my head. And the thing is… in the past, Tiara and Eliza had a good relationship!

Iida’s case was more shocking or even emotional to some extent. In Season 3 Episode 8 of My Hero Academia, Iida confronts Eijiro, Momo, Deku and Todoroki properly. He vents about how reckless they wee and how they repeated his mistake of taking the villain down themselves physically. Deku tries to intervene but this only resulted in getting the coldest punch I ever saw in my life.

Iida continued his outburst , sharing how frustrated and worried he was for his classmates, Bakugo inclusive. He quietens down, saying he saw his brother when he saw Deku’s injuries. Getting a little louder, he asks everyone what if their bodies received irreparable damage like his brother if they were reckless.

Here it is now.

Straight after, he yelled, “ARE YOY TRYING TO SAY YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT MY WORRIES??!” before giving Deku a really hard shake. I was personally shocked beyond words as Tiara only blew up at her sister with words while Iida took a step further. He used words and physical action to express his anger.

(there’s so much to write it took me 15 minutes to finish writing it out)

5. Both shared equally emotional crying scenes ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

done on Ibis Paint X

In the final episode of Lapis Re Lights, Tiara falls into a coma. In that coma, she was swimming in her memories when she she saw a crystal. That crystal showed her sister taking care of her and why she was so insistent on Tiara not going to Flora Girls’ Academy in the first place. Tiara yelled at the memories before regaining consciousness, getting emotional, cried and embraced her sister in those tears. Actually, this is an adaption of my Top 10 Anime Emotional Scenes, so you can read that version in the link provided:

was listening to “Sorry” bu Justin Bieber then. Quite suitable for this scene :>

In Iida’s case, there is more than one, so I’m choosing the one that left a greater impact on me. In Season 2 Episode 17 of My Hero Academia, Deku, Iida and Todoroki finished the fight with Hero Killer: Stain. The Pro Heroes checked on the trio’s injuries. Deku said he could walk (if he was given something to prop himself up) while Todoroki only sustained. Someone brought up Iida bleeding badly.

Iida reassures everyone the ambulance would arrive soon, before apologising for his rash actions. He said he was blinded by his anger and attempted taking the villain done, with tears evidently welling up in his eyes. Deku apologises to Iida overlooking his pain, which causes Iida to let his tears out.

(I’m not sure why, but watching their crying scenes (or even thinking about it) always gives me goosebumps)

6. Both are the second-borns in their families

Pretty self-explanatory. They are the younger siblings of the older siblings who care about them

7. Their siblings were their stepping stones to entering their respective schools, pursuing their respective dreams.

Basically they’re mini versions of their present selves

Tiara has always wanted to be a witch, and her sister inspired her in the first place. In a flashback in Episode 10, it was revealed Eliza would take Tiara to the gardens in their kingdom. Eliza showed the magic of flowers, and Tiara was amazed. Tiara then expressed how she wanted to be like Eliza in the future. If you aren’t convinced, you can watch part of the flashback here:

As for Iida, his dream started at the dinner table. Basically, his older brother Tensei and his dad was having a conservation. Tensei then said that he was not that good (something like that) after their dad flattered him. Iida heard all this and told himself: “He’s my hero!” Further flashbacks show Tensei telling his younger brother being a hero is something within his reach. That was a little complicated, bit it brings up Iida’s dream well.

Question of the post: Who is your favourite female and male anime character?

These 7 reasons are why Tiara and Iida are so similar, although they seem so different at first glance. If you want to know why I love them so much, you can click this link:

Next up, I’ll spotlight Tenya Iida again. This time, I will talk about my views towards him and why I love him intensively. Until then, bye!

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