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My favourite anime characters (as of July/October 2021)

Remember my first proper article? Yes, this article has the same format, but we have two new characters- both from Pripara! One from SoLaMi Smile, one from Dressing Pafe. Without further ado, let’s start!

  1. Laala Manaka

Anime: Pripara

Unit: SoLaMi Smile

Laala is arguably the third most relatable character to me! I can’t keep track how many similarities we share- both of us are energetic, kind, clumsy, loud, stubborn and airheaded. (and the list is bound to go on)

However, as I watched on, it became more than just similar personality traits. I could also relate to real-life truth. Firstly, Laala may be the elder one in her family, but is treated like the youngest near friends. Which I can relate to because I am the eldest among three, but I am treated like the youngest in my friend squad. Secondly, we share the same horoscope (Scorpio) and our birthdays are 15 days apart. Thirdly, my primary school best friend Ms R has a personality really close to Mirei, and she is also a Libra too. (September Libra, not October Libra like Mirei) That’s why she’s one of my favourites anime characters, and my favourite Pripara Girl.

2. Shion Toudou

Anime: Pripara

Unit: Dressing Pafe

In terms of personality, we aren’t all the same, but we have our similarities. I am a competitive person, and if Shion’s competitive, I’m doubly or triply more competitive, occasionally to the point of being a sore loser. Besides, I feel can I can be blunt at times and hurt others’ feelings without intending it delibrately. I also feel I am a loyal person, considering my horoscope Scorpi, but I can be really stbborn.


Although Shion and I share with multiple qualities, I feel I share more of her negative qualities, I feel I share more of her negative qualities than her positive ones. But another reasons I love her is her surprisingly deep voice.

You still know that pattern – characters that resemble me, in god ways and bad ways. However, I’m getting suspicious that I’m going to like more characters with negative qualities. Fingers crossed I don’t copy them…!

Next up, I will bring up my least favourite anime character as of Jul/Oct 2021. That article will be extra short, so just wait for it. Until then, bye!

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